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rho-pg-33.jpgI have a country theme in my house, and yes, I have a few roosters but I really tried to not overdo it.

I used a palette of red, brown, and blue in my house. I did two walls in my kitchen red and the rest brown. It really brightens it up, but not to the point I'll get sick of it.

I think the key to not overdoing modern country is to avoid all of the cliches and focusing on colors and pattens. Gingham is a great material for throw pillows, and looks great in red. You can use gingham for curtains as well. I have a straight black table, but I have benches instead of chairs, so it gives off a country feel.

Add a braided area rug on your floor like this brown braided area rug. It gives off a country feel and is very comfy under your feet. 

Can anyone tell me how a bamboo area rug would do on carpet?

Villager Natural 7x10 displaym.jpg
I think a bamboo rug is a great idea for under neath a dining room table. Not only are they durable, they won't curl up at the edges when placed on carpets (like some area rugs might)

The trick to not getting the rug to bunch up is to adhere heavy carpet tape and fasten it to the rug. The edges won't curl up.

There are different types of bamboo area rugs. You can get the natural bamboo weave like this natural bamboo area rug or a bamboo shag in a deep color to hide stains, etc. like this coffee bean shag bamboo area rug.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to bamboo.


Cold Floors and large cold rooms?

caviar-wool.jpgWithout dropping a fortune on changing your floors or getting new windows, I'd say that if you do a little decorating you might be able to warm up the room.

Place large area rugs on your floor in key areas. Purchase three or four large rugs and place one in the living area, one in the kitchen under the table, and the other two in additional open areas. Having a rug down on the floor really cuts down on the wide, open feeling by cozying it up a bit. Try a rug such as this Caviar Wool shag area rug It has a deep pile that is comfortable to sink your feet into.

Do you have a fireplace? If not, you can buy portable fireplaces that you can place on key walls. If you are able, buy two: One for the kitchen and one for the living area. If you get the right kind, they do generate heat.

Do you have pictures or art on your walls? Having bare walls just contributes to that wide, open cold feeling. Put up large photo frames, art work, or mirrors. Add some throw pillows and couch blankets to your sitting area.

Color makes a room feel cold as well. Are your walls white? Painting a warm brown, taupe, or coffee color can really make you feel as though your room is cozy.

Have you added weather stripping to your doors and windows? Magnetic weather stripping can eliminate cold drafts.

Whatever you plan on doing, even implementing a few of these tips can warm up your room.

Would you help me decide on a paint color?

I would like either bright yellow or dull blue.


I've had both colors in my kitchen, and I'd go with the blue.

Depending on the color of your cabinets, yellow will look really bright in the kitchen. Blonde, white, or any pale colored cabinet will really wash out with yellow, and If your goal is to create a soothing atmosphere, bright yellow will make you feel like you are eating breakfast in a light bulb.

Dull blue can be quite trendy in the kitchen if done the right way. After painting, assess what you have for little extras such as framed photos, artwork, or shelves for knick knacks. Colors that look good with dull blue are black, white, or even brown. Items such as metal signs, wood mount art work with your favorite photos, or wall decals with an inspirational quote look great on kitchen walls.

Add a great rug under your table to really enhance the color of your walls. If you are into traditional decor, you could add a rug like this Pale Blue Oriental Rug. For country decor, a rug such as this Blue Wool Braided Rug would work well. Area rugs really add that extra depth to your decorating.

What colors should we incorporate into our apartment, to make it look classy, but welcoming?

Pick three accent colors and work with the brown.  With a deep, chocolate brown I would choose burnt orange, golden yellow, and a deep red. 

With brown walls, your dining room/kitchen furniture can be black.  Add black frames to the walls, black candles, or framed art with your chosen accent color.  Deep chocolate, black, and burnt orange looks beautiful in a dining room.

Add your accent color through accessories such as throw pillows or blankets. Baskets with multicolored liners and lamp shades also work to pick up accent colors. 

Be sure to add a large area rug to your floor to emphasize your color scheme.  A rug such as this neutral/red contemporary would go great in a brown room.

When you put in new wooden floors , are you suppose to place throw rugs or will that just take away the idea?

I would get area rugs, and here is why: Area rugs will protect your floor.  They will also add a real sense of style to your room, so you can change up your decor by getting a different rug for each room.  Area rugs will also create the illusion of different spaces in large, open floor plans.

An example would be in your kitchen. I've always felt that a dining table needs something under it to really define your kitchen when you have wooden floors.  A braided area rug says "Country Kitchen".  A Cotton Rug in front of your sink and by your kitchen door goes with the country theme and protects the floor.  Country is just an example, as you could do a contemporary area rug under your dining room table as well.

Try adding an area rug to one of your rooms and see how it instantly warms up the space.