Lumpy area rug getting you down? Straighten it out quickly

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Carpet question what do I do?

I rolled it out and it looks good, however there is lumps or air pockets in the middle that i cant get out. Should I add water?

dyn-ecl-68146_3030.jpgI wouldn't add water, that will only wreck the rug.

When I have lumps in an area rug, I lay it out flat on the opposite side it normally sits on. Once its upside down, I try to put something heavy on top of the lumps. If it's a fairly large area that is lumpy, I let it sit for awhile and then move it to another area. Even better, if you have a big, heavy object you can place on the lumpy parts and just leave it for a day or two.

Once its been flattened, turn it over and everything should be less lumpy.

Another thing you can try is carpet tape, especially if the edges of the carpet are lumpy as well.

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