Incorporating Feng Shui into my 1 bedroom apartment

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How should I decorate my new apartment?

I like the idea of Feng Shui

I don't know what color your current furnishings are, but if you want to add a color scheme that is complementary with Feng Shui, try to balance colors.

Red equals fire, and needs to be balanced with beige (earth), white (metal), blue (water), and brown/green (wood). My suggestion is to choose a central color (it might be white in your case as you aren't painting) and add the other colors are complements.

If you have a beige, blue, or brown couch, you can add red throw pillows or just one red throw pillow among a few neutral. You can also add the fire element by putting art work on your wall with red as a central theme.

The wood element can come into play with plants, such as bamboo or ferns. Water can be balanced by adding a fountain in the corner that will provide a soothing trickle like rain on your roof top.

You can find some great area rugs that will add color and dimension to your room. Try a rug such as this Red Shag or this blue that adds beige/blue components.

I'm not up on specific placements for your elements, but this should help for a start.

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